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More than ever, the impact of human activities and climate change is affecting the state of our marine environment. The formulation of sustainable, ecosystem-based policies and measures for oceans and coasts needs to be supported by sound scientific assessments at national, regional and global scales.

The 'Assessment of Assessments' established by decision of the United Nations General Assembly represents the first step in this international initiative to improve our understanding of the oceans and to develop a global mechanism for delivering science-based information to decision makers and public.

• Resolution of the UN General Assembly and Law of the Sea (A/64/L.18 PDF 168Kb)

Recommendations of the Ad hoc Working Group of the Whole (AHWGW Recommendations 04.09.2009):

Closing the Science Gaps on What is Happening to the World’s Oceans and Seas

 PUBLICATION OF THE AoA REPORT (31 August 2009, New York)

Click here to access the AoA Report

The Ad hoc Working Group of the Whole documentation to recommend a course of action on the Regular Process (New York, 31 Aug-4 Sept) is now available (ar, ch, en, es, fr, ru). Please click here to find:

The 4th meeting of the Ad Hoc Steering Group took place in Paris (IOC Hq) from 15-17 April 2009. Please click here to find the report of the meeting.

The Peer review process of the AoA report is closed as of 10 February 2009. Go to the Peer Review sectionfor more details. 

UN General Assembly (resolution 63/111) decides to establish an ad hoc working group of the whole to recommend a course of action on the Regular Process to the General Assembly at its 64th session. The meeting will be held in New York, from 31 August to 4 September 2009. 

A Letter from UNEP Executive Director and IOC Executive Secretary calling on Member States to provide financial support to the AoA is released. Click here

The new AoA Brochure is now available in pdf format. Click here.